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Team outing is a wonderful way of engaging employees in an informal setting that allows them to interact, share and relax in each other’s company. The informal setting is an opportunity for seniors in the team to close ranks with juniors. This helps the juniors to open up slowly and let go of their inhibitions to communicate. Those who shy away and hold back even if they have something on their mind to share in the team’s interest, find these ice breakers helpful thereby creating an atmosphere of caring, trust building and making  the team environment positive.

Depending on the time allotted to such a team outing, the engagements can become refreshingly different and get fruitfully engaging for all if the teams choose to go outdoors. Landscaped locations outside the city limits or may be natural settings a little far away are a better choice. One very interesting way while outdoors is to engage the teams in low endurance games and tasks that are both challenging and demand some creativity on the part of the members. Such engagements lead to lot of interactions among the participants and allow them to really explore in depth, the elements of working together effectively and proactively.

This wonderful experience in an informal environment without any formal work pressure can genuinely help the participants connect with each other, improve understanding, develop trust and value each other’s contribution in the process that can be emotionally satisfying and can have a positive endorsement for all.

Such outings usually are not much encouraged by management citing budget constraints or busy work schedules. This I feel is a matter of mindset which should be addressed accordingly. First, such outing should not be considered as an ‘EXPENSE’ but should be treated as an ‘INVESTMENT’. Second, most of us always seem to be running against time, if employee engagement for positive outcome finds place on your priority list, it becomes possible to find a time slot for such outings. After all HR people and team leaders are supposed to sell their ideas to the management, this could be one of them. A good, pro- active and productive team is always a priority for a team leader.

Getting your team outdoors and to make it a successful outing, what you need is the support of experiential educators to take the participants through this wonderful outdoor education experience during the team outing. If you are the HR person or the team leader and you think this concept of “Team Outing” appeals to you and want to give it a try, you can get in touch with us to take things forward. Do communicate with us through 

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