Nurture your Attitude


During all my training programs as a facilitator I make it a point to stress the importance of a good ‘Attitude’ one must nurture. Rather than paying attention to someone else’s attitude, you will be better off nurturing your own. Many a times I have seen people referring to someone else’s attitude in a very derogatory way without realizing that at the same moment that same individual is putting his attitude on display. As it is said when you point a finger at someone, three are pointing towards you.

When you are conscious of your own attitude you will always find you making amends to your way of life and your disposition towards the people and the world around you. It becomes easy for you to relate with people, situations and deal with them proactively. Since people around us come from different backgrounds we find their outlook towards life and other people different from ours. We must learn to understand this diversity, adjust and show respect towards it.

Education & knowledge plays a significant role in developing your attitude. However one must not only go by the qualifications one has garnered through universities and degrees. Knowledge about life, culture and the human mind helps you understand this aspect better. The subjects of social and moral sciences are important but unfortunately are not dealt with adequately and at the appropriate time in life, as adults it our responsibility to have a look at them towards a better attitude.

Environment in which one is brought up and one gets the opportunity to live and work also impacts our attitude. The influences around you cultivate your mind and over a period time your belief system gets stronger and shapes your attitude accordingly. A positive environment helps developing positive attitude and the other way round. That is why creating a good environment becomes essential at home as well at the workplace.

Experience in life helps you learn a lot. The ability to reflect on your experiences and the application of knowledge helps you differentiate between what is right and wrong and the values you nurture show you the right way. The overall experience and the inferences you derive from it makes your attitude what it is.

Having a learning attitude is very important in life and at the same time one should also be willing to unlearn that which is not conducive for a good attitude, if one is inclined to experiment with life to get new perspectives. Your attitude towards life defines the way your life shapes up for you. Learn to take ownership of whatever you do; it will certainly help you develop a great attitude.

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