Outward Bound Bharat was founded in 2006 as the first Outward Bound Centre in India to encourage experiential learning programs for the development of children & youth.

A not for profit organization OB Bharat aims at reaching out to all sections of the society to inspire individuals to fulfill their potential through challenging outdoor experiences.

The foundation of OB Bharat is based on more than 27 years of experience in Outdoor education in India with the experts in respective fields having achieved outstanding performances and highest national recognitions.


To build Character and positive personality traits in youth by strengthening their core values like courage, confidence, integrity, humanity & team spirit using Nature and Adventure as the medium.


To become the leading institution for human resource development through the medium of Outdoor Experiential Learning Projects.

Core Values


Safety of our participants and the staff will always remain our prime concern during all our training programmes. We stress on the safety as a core value in all our operations, and shall work towards developing safety habits to avoid potential risks that may arise due to any unforeseen circumstances during the conduct of the programmes for all categories.


Continuous learning shall be the prime focus. We also believe in two ways learning in all our programmes. We shall commit ourselves for open approach in gathering knowledge, information and wisdom from the experiences of others to make our programmes more suitable in meeting the demands of the day.


We shall always strive for innovations to improve on our quality of our programmes.

 Customer Focus

By customer we mean the participants and the institutions participating in our programmes. We shall always keep the customer as the central focus to design our programmes so as to fulfill the needs and the demands as per the changes in the society's growing demands.

 Trust & Commitment

We shall always endeavour to remain trustworthy and committed to all our stake holders.

 Community & Environment

OUTWARD BOUND BHARAT will always remain alert about its responsibilities towards the community and the society. In addition to the regular training activities, the OB Trust will be offering its services to the less privileged, under privileged and differently-able individuals through sponsorship.

"Outward Bound Bharat Trust" is the outcome of The Vision & The Mission of the trustees, who by virtue of their collective experience in the field of education, adventure programming & experiential learning have visualized the need to have a platform that will fulfill the development needs of individuals and the community at large.

OUTWARD BOUND BHARAT is committed to the cause of environment protection through its policy of low or no impact training methods and Environment Awareness Programmes.

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