Life Skills

There are different kinds of skills we humans are expected to learn and develop to improve our abilities to perform well at different stages in our lives.

Life skills are the foundation skills that we must learn to appreciate very early in our life as they serve us well during our lifetime.

Life skills fall into three basic categories which compliment, supplement and reinforce each other :

  • Cognitive or thinking skills.
  • Emotional skills.
  • Social or interpersonal skills.

Outward Bound programs and activities are designed to explore these skills and help the participants learn to appreciate & understand the importance of these skills. Since the process of exploration is experiential in nature, the participants are able to understand and retain these skills for a very long time.

The unfamiliar and challenging environment during the Outward Bound programs coupled with the learning of life skills help the participating individuals build on their strong and dependable character that serves the individual, the family and the community very well in the long run.

The Outward Bound Instructors facilitate the understanding of these skills for the participants as they experience the different aspects of group participation and self exploration. The participant’s engagement is total and the emotional aspects are handled with care and compassion thereby enriching their experience during all the activities, tasks and games undertaken.

The process of exploring the "Life skills" experientially serves the participants well.

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