Personal Productivity: Kick start your day

‘Personal productivity’ is an outcome of ‘Self Motivation’.

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How versatile is your leadership domain?

When you work for a profit making organization, business is the medium, as a leader you are actually serving the people.

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Team Outing

This wonderful experience in an informal environment without any formal work pressure can genuinely help the participant

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Nurture your Attitude

Your attitude can become an asset or a liability for you.

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How good is your Leaders Inventory?

Leaders are the driving force of any organization.

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How effective is your employee engagement?

A well thought out employee engagement & training plan can become very effective in terms of employee development an

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How to Make “The Change” Your Partner

“Parivartan He Prakruti Ka Niyam Hai” (Change is the rule of nature).

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Handling Criticism Constructively

Without feedback, individuals and teams are unable to develop and improve on their performances.

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Check Your Learning Curve

The transition from being ‘taught’ in the school to ‘self- learning’ when you become an adult is quite an amazing experi

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