Melghat means “the meeting of the mountains” and Melghat is just as glorious and awe-inspiring as a meeting of the Ghats can be. Melghat has its highest point at 1178m and a vast stunning terrain of steep, jagged, rocky cliffs, huge in size that dive into the thick forest below. Its deep seemingly unfathomable sylvan mysterious valleys tempt you reach down and discover its treasures.

Melghat is a land of five rivers which are tributaries of the river Tapti. The rocky mountain side provides a multitude of waterfalls in the monsoons. The region gets covered with clouds in winter and the monsoons creating, magical enchanting landscapes. It is probably the only region other than Karnataka that grows coffee in India!

The richness of flora and fauna of the region is protected and conserved by one of the first Tiger Reserves of the country. Melghat has ruins of two huge forts which in the era of their glory were formidable. It has the town of Chikhaldara which is the only hill station in Vidarbha. It is home to forest dwelling tribes of central India with their own cultural entity. Indeed Melghat is a distinctly unique part of Vidarbha. and is easily approachable from Nagpur, Akola and Khandwa.

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