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The HR initiative

Employee engagement should remain an ongoing activity. The HR manager’s alertness both at the macro level and also at the micro level, during peace time decides on how the employees will respond to the dynamics of change and the challenging times. When all is well not many questions are raised but when there is a decline in productivity or when conflicts get reported from some sections or when team leaders express their dissatisfaction about some employees, or the employees themselves express dissatisfaction at the workplace, the role of the HR manager comes under the scanner. Under the circumstances the HR manager is supposed to step in and find early solutions to the problems. The HR manager’s intervention does bring in good results if s/he is well versed with the ground reality.

Engaged – Less Engaged – Disengaged Employees

HR Managers who are entrusted with the responsibility of HR development should be willing to take the ownership and should be willing to help the employees at different level of readiness to serve the organization. Broadly if the HR managers are able to identify the employees in the above three categories, it becomes easy for them to help and mentor the employees accordingly.

  • Engaged Employees:

    Studies have clearly shown that ‘Engaged employees’ are more productive and responsive to organizational requirements.

  • Less Engaged Employees:

    Employees, who are less engaged, are less focused, struggle to remain productive, need support & help to become productive. They are in need of specific inputs to focus on their efforts and overcome their weaknesses.

  • Disengaged Employees:

    Disengagement happens over a period of time. Employees get disengaged because of many reasons. They are burdened because nothing is happening for them. Situation is getting hopeless for them. HR managers should be wary of the disengaged employees at all level. They should not hesitate to identify them and engage them creatively. The cost of having disengaged employees is much higher than having the less engaged employees in the organization.

Interventions are a must

The employee engagement function, particularly in the area of training and development, needs to remain dynamic in nature. Keeping employees engaged for better productivity, better team work, and good work environment which are the prime requirements of all the organizations

Employee Engagement at the Macro Level

The Outward Bound training programs offer employee engagement and training interventions through organizational development & team development programs at the macro level. Teams well aligned with the organizational objectives are more focused & productive and are tuned to the need of the hour to deliver what the organization expects.

Our program inputs are customized to ensure that the right messages go to the employees to make this alignment possible through their own efforts.

Employee Engagement at the Micro Level

We also offer individual employee development programs. The theme based programs engage the employees at the micro level, helping them to find answers to some of the intricate queries on their minds. Individuals get ready to analyze themselves and to find answers to the nagging questions on their own.

Our experiential learning programs help teams and individuals to get involved emotionally in the development process thereby impacting them deeply. Such impactful training interventions help in the change process and are also longer lasting and become life changing experiences for many.

How the partnership With OB Bharat works

You can partner with us for a holistic approach to the training & development of employees, both at the macro & the micro level. The experiential learning based outbound activities and programs are based on certain inbuilt principles that need some exploring and planning to get the best and also to ensure the long lasting results. We recommend a five step process that will help HR managers make this Outward Bound training intervention a great success.

  • Training Needs Analysis

    Employee training for development and skills enhancement requires some analysis that can either be done in-house or can be sourced out. This increases the focus on the training needs and its fulfillment.

  • Program Design

    Based on the needs assessment and the target audience the program and the outdoor activities are designed to bring home the message and build on the aspirations.

  • Risk Management

    Risk management is an integral part of all Outward Bound programs that covers all aspects of logistics and outdoor venue selection and activity planning.

  • Program Delivery

    The actual program delivery needs are assessed and planned to make the experience worthwhile for the participants and to get the maximum output from the efforts put in by them.

  • Impact study

    Though this aspect is optional, we do recommend a minimum feedback based effort. However an organized effort can be considered based on the need to conduct the impact study and the depth of it. Impact study is not required when the objective of the outdoor program is pure recreation.

Why your organization must ‘Partner Up’ with OB Bharat?

OB Bharat invites you consider this partnership on a positive note. With this partnership your organization over a period of time will benefit immensely in terms of proactive employee engagement. The interventions will have a very positive impact in different areas of employee development that will benefit the organization.

At the macro level

  • Team building initiatives.
  • Organizational development initiatives.
  • Initiating and managing change.

At the micro level

  • Leadership initiatives for the employees.
  • Personal development & growth prospects of the employees.
  • Personal appreciation of workplace dynamics.

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