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History of Outward Bound

The first Outward Bound School was opened in Aberdovey, Wales in 1941 by Kurt Hahn, and Lawrence Holt with the support of the Blue Funnel Line. Outward Bound grew out of Hahn's work in the development of the Gordonstoun school and what is now known as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Outward Bound's founding mission was to give young seamen the ability to survive harsh conditions at sea by teaching confidence, tenacity, perseverance and to build experience of harsh conditions.

Jim Hogan served as warden for the first year of the school. This mission was established and then expanded by Capt. J. F. 'Freddy' Fuller took over the leadership of the Aberdovey school in 1942 and served the Outward Bound movement as senior warden until 1971. Fuller had been seconded from the Blue Funnel Line following wartime experience of surviving two successive torpedo attacks and commanding an open lifeboat in the Atlantic ocean for thirty-five days without losing a single member of the crew.

From the inception of Outward Bound, community service was an integral part of the program, especially in the areas of sea and mountain rescues and this remains an important part of the training for both staff and students in Outward Bound, Wales. The first Outward Bound program for females was conducted in 1951. Fuller was seconded to the USA in the early sixties to help establish Outward Bound USA in Colorado and the first Peace Corps training camp in Puerto Rico.

Outward Bound International

Outward Bound is a global educational organization founded in 1941. Outward Bound today has grown as a worldwide association and operates in nearly 34 countries through its 57 centers with 230 different training locations all over the world. More than 200,000 individuals participate in different Outward Bound activities & programs annually The programs contribute towards the development of the citizens and also the welfare of the community.

The Mission:

" To help people discover and develop their potential, to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experience in unfamiliar settings."

Key Elements :

1. Values:

  • Courage
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Cooperation

2. Outward Bound Learning Focuses On :

Outward Bound courses encourage participants to develop greater understanding of themselves, of others and of the community around them through insight into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

As a values-based organization, Outward Bound asks course participants to embrace our common humanity, our diversity and the natural world. Outward Bound courses promote a caring connection among participants, instructors and the world around them. Compassionate behaviour and a service ethic are essential to successful completion of an Outward Bound course, encompassing both giving to and receiving from others.

A sense of responsibility for self, for others and for the environment is a central tenet of Outward Bound's teachings. Participants are asked to make choices and take actions that will result in a positive impact on society and the environment. Outward Bound achieves this learning through a unique combination of:

  • Character Development
  • Compassion and Service
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility

3. Learing Through Experience

Outward Bound is committed to an educational process based on instruction, action and reflection. Experiences on Outward Bound courses are intentionally designed, presented and reviewed to instill Outward Bound's Core Values and Operating Principles in a manner that ensures that the learning is transferable to other situations.

4. Adventure And Challenge In The Outdoors

Outward Bound is recognized as a leader in providing experiential education in the outdoors where activities require special effort and where remarkable experiences involve uncertain outcomes within acceptable risk.

5. Expert Staff

Outward Bound courses are delivered with high standards of quality and risk management. Instructors are trained and experienced in facilitating learning through adventure. They have highly developed outdoor leadership skills and through creative talent, they design and deliver learning-focused programs.

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