About Outward Bound Programs

All Outward Bound programs essentially encompass outdoor based nature & adventure activities.

The activities and the programs are suitably designed to engage individuals & groups, and to offer them a learning experience that goes a long way in enriching some of the life skills essential for meaningful existence.

The activities are either land based or water based and the levels of difficulties vary from program to program depending on for whom the program is planned, the location and the objective of the program.

Individuals & groups can choose from a range of programs that are offered by Outward Bound Bharat.

The Program Philosophy

The Outward Bound programs are based on the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice". The participants are encouraged and motivated to take up the outdoor challenges and learn through that experience.

The process of action, participation, experience, reflection & learning makes the engagement worthwhile for both the participants and the trainers alike.

When are this programs conducted?

Outward Bound conducts programs all round the year. However programs at different locations may have seasonal restrictions. The program dates for groups are finalized keeping in mind the mutual convenience. The program calendar & dates for individual participants are announced well in advance.

Who Conducts these programs?

All the activities are conducted by trained staff and the programs are supervised by experienced leaders. The staff is trained in-house to ensure they have the necessary skills for conducting the activities safely, ensure effective leadership, and highest quality of program for a meaningful experience to the participants.

Duration of the Programs

The duration of the programs, depending on the module, vary from two days to twenty one days. Typically short duration programs serve the limited purpose of recreation and some learning's. However the long duration programs, wherein participants go through a series of learning experiences, play a significant role in helping the participants explore the life skills for personal development. Institutions / organizations and individuals should opt for a program that suits their training needs.

How do I choose a program to participate?

Basic information given on the program pages will help you narrow down your choice. However you are welcome to get in touch with us, if you need further assistance in making your choice. Our staff will help you to understand the program better, if necessary counseling is offered by our senior staff.

Who can Participate?

The Outward Bound programs are open for all. Children, youth, adults & families are welcome to participate. Children above 8 years are eligible and there is no upper age limit. Individuals who feel they are fit enough are welcome to join. Special purpose programs are also undertaken by Outward Bound to meet the recreational & training needs of differently- able individuals and groups.

Programs for individual

Outward Bound offers a range of programs at different locations for youth and adults. Individuals can make a choice and register themselves to get detailed information about the program.

Programs for Institutions & Organizations

Institutions, organizations & informal groups , who wish to encourage their students, employees & members to participate, can choose from the existing program modules. If there is a scope to customize a program, Outward Bound can explore the possibility.

Program for Children

School children are the main beneficiaries of Outward Bound programs. The experiential learning opportunity brings them closer to nature, allows them to explore the various nuances of life skills under unfamiliar but safe environment.

At personal level, for many students, the experience may lead to 'Self Discovery', for others it may be an opportunity to express their 'Self Confidence', for still others it may prove to be a challenge to leave behind the comforts of home & dependency on elders and prove their ability to 'Care for themselves and others'. All in all it proves to be a great learning experience.

Institutions bringing these children to the Outward Bound camps also benefit a lot in terms of creating an environment of togetherness, bonding, caring & sharing, which is reflected in many ways.

School teachers are encouraged to actively participate in the activities during these programs, so as to bring about a qualitative change in their relationship with the students. The informal environment at the outdoors acts as a catalyst for developing a better understanding amongst them.

These learning programs can be improvised & customized to some extent, to suit the needs of the institutions participating in these camps.

Individual students can also join these programs during vacations. The environment at the camps because of the diversity of the students' background is yet another opportunity for students to learn from.

We request & encourage institutions that are unable to bring students in groups to allow their students who are keen to join the camps to go ahead and do so, by giving them special permission during the academic sessions, treating it as a part of co-curricular activity participation.

Programs for Youth

Way back in 1941 Outward Bound started its programs with young men, keeping in mind the very basic need of keeping them physically & mentally fit, make them believe in themselves and survive in spite of the harsh conditions prevailing then.

Times have changed but the challenges remain, although in different forms. Outward Bound invites all young men & women to explore their potential in terms of facing the modern day challenges, be it personal or professional.

It is the mindset that takes one to a higher level of performance & achievement. The Outward Bound programs offer you an opportunity to self evaluate your level of preparations to face real life challenges and come out a winner.

The initiative to develop life skills, to face the challenges, rests with the youth. Personal skills, team skills & leadership skills are explored during the Outward Bound programs. Youth can make their choice, take the initiative and join the programs.

The youth are offered a choice of program location, duration and level of endurance to suit their personality and their development need.

Colleges, Universities & other institutions are welcome to join our programs. Customized program is a possibility, let us explore together.

Programs for Adults & Corporates

In the corporate arena, leadership is the key to success and teamwork is essential to getting things done better, faster and more efficiently. Many corporate leaders need to hone their ability to lead and motivate their teams. Through our specially designed programs, you'll have the perfect opportunity to unleash your true otential and take yourself and your team to new heights.

For executives looking to grow in the area of leadership, team-building and change management, Outward Bound Bharat's, Professional Development Program (PDP) offer a range of inputs that will help equip you with the skills to overcome future challenges.

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