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We are an educational charity. We offer Outward Bound courses to encourage young people in their endeavor to become courageous & responsible citizens, develop life skills, support their families, and also build on a strong sense of community leadership. In short we help them change their and other people’s life for better.

Why we need your support

Outward Bound Bharat is working with a commitment to transform young minds to believe in themselves and to work with a passion to achieve their goals in life. However, many of the young people, for lack of resources are unable to benefit from these Outward Bound development programs. If you support us financially, together we will be able ensure a wonderful experience to the young individuals in creating a promising future for them and the society.

To give economically disadvantaged young people the opportunity to rise and be counted.

Together, let us ensure that financial disadvantage does not keep many of the young individuals from achieving their potential. Financial support in the form of scholarships will go a long way in encouraging young but less privileged individuals to join our programs.

Impart Leadership Skills to Young Individuals.

Outward Bound Bharat wants to train young leaders of tomorrow – today. These individuals will come from different sections of the society. These leaders in turn will help the community in shaping up the future of the people they work with.

Encourage girls to become brave through adventure participation.

We believe that girls should be encouraged to go for adventure, learn to take risks by participating in Outward Bound courses and become women of courage. This could possibly help future families in different ways. Adventure participation will help these girls get out of their comfort zone, become resilient and assertive. Girls are not fragile, parents and elders make them believe so. Let us support them participate in adventure and become resilient, brave and confident.


  • Our challenging Outdoor programs and courses equip young people with life skills that will help them in focusing on their education and developing their abilities to perform well wherever they prefer to choose to work for their livelihood and growth.
  • With your support and generosity we will be able to support underprivileged young people to participate in these life changing experiences with Outward Bound.

Individual Donors

₹ 10,000/-



You can also set up a monthly donation.

Institutional Donors

Foundations, Trusts, Corporate Donors are requested to consider supporting the Outward Bound cause through CSR funds.

Tax Exemptions

Outward Bound Bharat Trust is registered under section 80G, with the IT Authority of India.

Please send email to we will ask our representative to get in touch with you.

Participate in Fund Raising Events

We invite you to participate in our "Fund Raising Events" during the year. You can help us in different ways. As a participant, as a volunteer, as a sponsor, as an advertiser, as a donor, as a cheer leader, we welcome your participation in any form.

  • Wild Walkathon
  • The Melghat Cycling Challenge
  • Guest Expedition

For more details about the events please call

Sudhir : 9225225889 or

write to:

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