Why should one participate in an adventure program?

Quite often people tend to ask this question, to self and to others. Given the opportunity, some individuals right away go for it to get the answers themselves.

Adventure challenges you physically & mentally. It takes you beyond your comfort zone.

"Challenges act as catalysts, helping individuals develop new capabilities."

Adventure & challenges go hand in hand. Out in the wilderness, the unknown and the unfamiliar settings challenge us to cope up with the uncertainties, manage ourselves and come out winners.

The adventure outings range from simple outdoor pursuits to the hardcore adventure engagements. Depending on one's choice, skills, capability and purpose of participation one is required to opt for a particular adventure outing.

The Outward Bound mission is:

"To help people discover and develop their potential through challenging experience in unfamiliar settings".

All Outward Bound programs are designed keeping in mind the mission objectives, and are challenging enough for the participants to have a wonderful experience that helps them discover themselves in a different light.

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