Teaming Up

What is "Teaming Up"?

"Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success" – Henry Ford.

Teams are expected to work together towards attaining the desired organizational objectives. However since teams are made up of humans there are bound to be variables in terms of view points, opinions, needs, competencies that need consideration and proper alignment. All these variables make the team working dynamic and challenging.

"Teaming Up" is a program that helps the organizational teams to put up their thought process on the same pedestal and work towards a strategy that will help them attain the organizational objectives every time they put up their efforts together.

Issues the program addresses

  • Team building processes that suit your industry working patterns.
  • Processes that help you strengthen your interpersonal understanding to enjoy working together.
  • Preventive measures that help conflicts from getting out of hand.

What do the participants take home?

  • Newly appointed employees who have come together as a team explore the stages of team building and become well versed with the team building processes. For them the foundations of teamwork become stronger, workable and durable.
  • Existing teams in the organization use their experience to explore the possibilities of raising their bar; take up new challenges to achieve higher performance levels.
  • Team leaders explore new innovative approaches in setting up their teams for success every time.

How does the participation work for them!

  • The team tasks & the team games bring to surface the issues needing attention.
  • The participants through interaction and sharing explore the alternatives and the possibilities for a stronger result oriented team.
  • They take home the best possible teamwork options they think will work for them.
  • The real life team experience & the deliberations there on help them to take up the ownership when things go wrong.
  • The outdoor scenario we offer is very much conducive to explore the challenges in an informal environment.

How do we set up this program for your organization!

  • Please fill up the inquiry form.
  • We initiate the correspondence for clarity & purpose.
  • Mutually we agree on the program dates & the program plan.
  • We complete the administrative formalities.
  • The team / group reports at the agreed location.
  • The program is delivered as per the plan.
  • The team / group depart from the location.
  • We complete the post program formalities.

We Provide Definitive Insights (Feedback)

Program feedback to the participating organization is offered on a standard format.

Faculty observations including some decisive insights can be shared with the organisation if desired. However a formal letter of intent is expected from the organization for this purpose.

If feasible, a customised feedback can also be considered if the organization desires so for some specific reasons.

Campsite Charges:

24 Hrs. (4 Pm to 4 Pm)




Campsite Charges

Facilitation & Training Charges


Lakeside Campsite


Tent Accommodation.

Rs.1800/- Per Person.


Twin sharing A/C Room

Rs.2750/-Per Person

Rs.1500/- per person


Jungle Campsite


Tent Accommodation

Rs.2500/-Per person.

Rs.1500/- per person


Hillside Campsite


Tent Accommodation

Rs.2800/- Per Person

Rs.1500/- per person


Jungle Campsite

Hubli (Karnataka)

Tent / Dormitory Accommodation


Rs.1500/- per person


*Campsite charges include stay and food.

*GST wherever applicable.

*Ideal batch size 20 Nos.

*Customized packages workable.


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