Tirthan Valley

"Thirthan valley" is one of the very less frequented valley's in the Himalayas due to the restrictions imposed by the National park authorities. However people who keenly believe in protecting & preserving nature and enjoying nature in its purest form are welcome to trek in the valley.

Thirthan valley is part of the Great Himalayan National Park situated in the Kulu District of Himachal Pradesh.

Thirthan river which originates deep inside this valley flows down almost 70 kms to join the Beas river. The river all along its route flows through thick green forests, narrow gorges, offering a few waterfalls and an ambience that mesmerizes the trekkers. The mountains all along the valley are covered with thick foliage all round the year and are home to many animals & birds.

The trekking route is along the river. At times the narrow gorges make it necessary to climb the steep mountain sides making it tough and adventurous. A few mountains in the valley are very inviting and can be trekked right up to the top. Thirthan valley offers a wonderful opportunity to trekkers to enjoy the remoteness, the thick green forest and the unique flora & fauna in the region

Outward Bound has been encouraging mountain lovers & adventurers to trek in this valley since a few years. If you are a nature enthusiast and an explorer, this valley should remain on your priority list.

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