Be Pro

Why "Be Pro"?

"Towards a Proactive & a Productive Employee with a Professional Outlook".

The HR Perspective.

Every single employee is an asset to the company with varying capacity. One of the challenges before the employee & the HR department is to ensure that this capacity improves over a period of time. If ignored, employee performance can become a matter of concern for both.     

As the HR head responsible towards a purposeful employee engagement, you will find “Be Pro” a very innovative intervention to offer to some of your employees. This outbound program, in addition to empowering the employees in terms of personal productivity & growth, also helps them to significantly contribute towards the workplace environment that serves the organizational purpose.   

Employee care and well-being thrives on understanding and mutual responsibility. “Be Pro” the outbound experiential learning program takes note of the fact that one must be prepared mentally and emotionally to face the personal & professional aberrations in the best possible manner. The outbound experience and the program inputs will help the employees become resilient and strike a right balance between mental and physical wellbeing.

The unfortunate disruption caused by the pandemic has certainly shaken us up in different ways. Managing emotions is the key to overcoming the lows that manifest under the circumstances. Let your employees find the answers to their personal problems through this intervention.


The Employee Perspective

As an employee whenever you take up a new job, you want to settle down early. Why?


  • You want to enjoy your work.
  • You want to enjoy working with people around you.
  • You want to be happy with your performance.

Having achieved that, logically the next thing you want is progress.

The above scenario sounds very familiar and is reasonable too, right? In reality however things are not that simple and challenges abound.

Do you want to overcome these challenges? Do you want to find answers to some of the nagging questions that have been bothering you for some time? Yes! Get ready to go Outward Bound.

 “Be Pro” the outbound experiential learning program will help you overcome the challenges and find answers to the many questions bothering you. It will firmly launch you on to a growth path full of possibilities for the future.


Issues the program addresses

  • What are those small things that the employees need to understand and make it a part of them to “Be proactive” all the time?
  • What they need to do using their experience to “Be productive” every time?
  • Which aspects will help them to “Be a professional” in their approach to work?
  • Employee "Health & Well Being".

What do the participants take home?

  • A collective broad understanding of the importance of organizational purpose.
  • A mental framework that will broaden their organizational working perspective.
  • A commitment that will set up a path for their personal contribution.
  • A balanced approach to their work life and an inbuilt sustainable mechanism.

How does the participation work for them!

  • The participants through interaction and sharing explore the possibilities.
  • Their experience & their respective positions in the organization prepare them to take up the ownership.
  • They make their choice depending on their competences and needs at different levels in the organization.
  • They take home the best possible options they think will work for them.
  • The outdoor scenario we offer is very much conducive to explore the challenges in an informal environment.

The Impact

We conduct impact studies and provide feedback to the participants as well as the sponsoring organizations. .


Participant gets a certificate of participation and a memento.

Campsite Charges:

24 Hrs. (4 Pm to 4 Pm)




Campsite Charges

Facilitation & Training Charges


Lakeside Campsite


Tent Accommodation.

Rs.1800/- Per Person.


Twin sharing A/C Room

Rs.2750/-Per Person

Rs.1500/- per person


Jungle Campsite


Tent Accommodation

Rs.2500/-Per person.

Rs.1500/- per person


Hillside Campsite


Tent Accommodation

Rs.2800/- Per Person

Rs.1500/- per person


Jungle Campsite

Hubli (Karnataka)

Tent / Dormitory Accommodation


Rs.1500/- per person


*Campsite charges include stay and food.

*GST wherever applicable.

*Ideal batch size 20 Nos.

*Customized packages workable.

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