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Outward Bound is the world leader in outdoor education. The programs and the courses are run by very competent "Field Instructors" and "Outdoor Educators". If you are keen & inclined to work with us in any of these positions, do write to us.

Field Instructors

Field instructors are mainly responsible for running the outdoor activities with safety and full responsibility. The Outward Bound on the job training will help you develop the leadership qualities and skills to run the programs as per the laid down standards.


  • Should be a graduate from any discipline.
  • Should have Grade ‘A’ Certificate in ‘Basic Mountaineering Course’.
  • Should have good communication ability in English, Hindi & one regional language.
  • Should be able to demonstrate a high level of commitment to outdoor work ethics.
  • Should be willing to work extra time and anywhere in India.

Field instructors are engaged full time or on contract basis depending on the need and the existing vacancies.

Outdoor Educators

The process of outdoor education at Outward Bound has evolved over the years and the impact studies have reflected a very healthy outcome in terms of life skills development for individuals and groups. If you have the necessary background and the experience we will help you to create a niche for yourself through innovative program design & delivery through the Outward Bound processes.


  • Background in Experiential Learning, Behavioral sciences and Outdoor wilderness based activities,
  • Should be willing to work as an 'Associate'.
  • Should have an entrepreneurial approach to work.
  • Should be innovative.
  • Should be able to demonstrate a high level of commitment to people development.

If you find the prospects encouraging and innovative, do forward your email through your CV to -


We are a human resources training organization. Our activities and programs are based on experiential learning methodologies. Students connected with these fields are welcome to explore the internship possibilities.

Blog as a Guest

If you enjoy writing and are willing to experience the Outward Bound way of learning, you can become a great asset to the youth community. You can play a significant role in informing and educating people about Outward Bound and its benefit of participation through your blogs.

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