Code of Conduct

"Outward Bound programs are open to all irrespective of Nationality, Religion, Race, Color, Gender, and Faith & Beliefs. All are welcome to join Outward Bound".

Participants should respect places and people they visit or meet during Outward Bound programs.

Participants should not engage in any conversations, topics and / or actions that knowingly intimidate, exclude, or alienate other members in the group.

Participants should always refrain from using any abusive words or language all the time.

Participants must obey and follow all safety guidelines established by the instructors.

Participants should always remain responsible towards their personal belongings and should not hold the organizers responsible for loss or damage..

Participants should not purchase or bring with them or consume Alcohol, Tobacco products, Illegal drugs or substances during the program.

Participants must use the equipment provided to them with due care and responsibility.

Participants must understand and follow the environmental policies adopted by Outward Bound.

A participant should always remain an active participant during the course, give its best, work as a part of group and follow instructions.

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