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Become an Outward Bounder

Experience the Outdoors with a difference

When you become an Outward Bounder you get connected with one of the world’s largest Outdoor Educational initiatives.

Your passion for Outdoors, nature and your sense of adventure gets leveraged and you keep the explorer alive in you.

You choose a way of life wherein you not only explore the life skills development possibilities but gradually, you set yourself up for success through your own initiatives and efforts in a more pragmatic way.

You become a part of the larger community that believes in nurturing value based life initiatives for a fulfilling life ahead.

You become an "Outward Bound Community Leader".

Outward Bound Bharat wishes to encourage people interested in “Nature & Adventure” to become Outward Bounders. We help Outward Bounders explore the activities that add value to their knowledge and ensure the best utilization of this engagement in terms of healthy participation, life skills enhancement, learning & personal development

Individuals 18 years and above are welcome to become an “Outward Bounder” and are entitled for various participation benefits.

  • Regular e-News Letter.
  • Experiential Learning seminars & workshops.
  • Outdoor sessions & activities.
  • Free “Learning Sessions”.
  • Discounts on participation fees.
  • Discounts on Souvenirs’.
  • Volunteering.
  • Becoming a group convener / organizer.
  • Becoming an active associate with earning possibilities.
  • Nomination on expert committees.
  • Participation in OB International events.
  • And much more in terms of invaluable experience.

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