Along the western coast of the Indian peninsula, starting right from the state of Gujarat in the north, to the beautiful state of Kerala down south, extend the mountain ranges called the Western Ghats.

Parts of these Ghats that adorn the state of Maharashtra are referred to as the "Sahyadri Ranges".

The "Sahyadri Ranges" are a wonderful mix of dense forests in some areas, deep valleys, vertical cliffs and home to thousands of waterfalls that come to life during monsoon. Some of the areas have been declared "Heritage" sites by UNESCO because of the flora & the fauna recorded in these areas.

These ranges have a history that speaks volumes about the Maratha kingdom and valor of its soldiers who fought the invaders. The number of forts built and used during these times makes the history interesting.

We operate our programs from near Nasik. Our programs are a mix of backpacking and climbing the forts.

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