What is "Explorer"?

Some individuals by nature are explorers; however, the desire to explore somehow diminishes once they settle down in their life and begin to follow the routine. Days, weeks and at times many months go by and they feel the routine eating into the very vitals of their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. It’s time for them to think beyond.

Do you happen to be one of them? Do you think you need a change that will be good for you?

This program is the right choice for you.

The program "Explorer" is an opportunity for you to go beyond your routine and indulge in some mild adventure and do something that will refresh and revitalize your mind & body and rejuvenate the spirit of being what you are. This program is designed to give you the time & space to be with nature and to bring back to surface, the explorer in you. Come and rediscover yourself in a different way.

For Whom?

Adults: 24+ years.

What is there for you in it!

  • A new found enthusiasm to reconnect with people, new ideas and a purpose to live with.
  • Experience that will reignite the passion in you for a meaningful existence.
  • A welcome change that will freshen up your mind & spirit

What do the participants take home?

  • A bag full of new found self-confidence
  • Some life skills that will stay with you forever.
  • New friendships & more.
  • A memorable experience.

How does the program look like!

This program is a mini expedition. You will be in the mountains for Nine days, backpacking, camping, bouldering or even climbing & rappelling over natural rock faces. There will be some low key activities too. You will spend some quality time interacting with other participants and also spending time solo, reflecting on your life experiences. All in all a combination of adventure journey coupled with enhanced learning, well being and healing.

How to enrol!

  • Please fill up the inquiry form.
  • We will initiate the correspondence for more information & clarity.
  • Once you make up your mind to join the program you complete the registration formalities.
  • We help you with the pre program preparations.
  • You report at the agreed location, on the date & time confirmed.
  • We deliver the program as per the plan.
  • The group departs from the location once the program is over.
  • We complete the post program formalities.


At Outward Bound Program feedback is a two way process.

  • We invite participants to share their program feedback on a standard format.
  • If the participants desire so program Leader shares his/her personal feedback.

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