How effective is your employee engagement?


If you as an HR head want to ensure that every hour, every rupee you invest in your employee should be productive enough to justify your employee engagement, you need to define your employee engagement objectives very clearly. Having done that, you need to ensure that the engagement initiative is dovetailed to engage each and every employee in the team for maximum impact.    

Sounds like a tough proposition, however an attempt in that direction ensures that the desirable outcome becomes a possibility to a large extent. At Outward Bound we start with a broad objective and as we progress we narrow down to fulfill the individual requirements to make the engagement effective. This is the beauty of ‘Experiential Education’.

The theme of the program defines the broad objective therein. When we say ‘Be Proactive’ we are sending a message to an individual to get personally engaged in the process. This approach not only explores the individual mindset but leads the individual employee in shaping up his thought process accordingly. When we say ‘Be Productive’ we are ensuring that individuals realize that personal productivity matters if the team as a whole needs to become productive. As we move from this individual attention to team attention, we are creating an environment of togetherness and trust. The involvement of each and every team member is the key to making their participation effective. 

As an HR Head & initiator if you are in a position to really appreciate this scenario and want to go ahead and give it a try, you yourself need to become ‘Proactive’. You are the link between the management and the staff. You have to take the initiative and sell this concept to your management and convince them about the feasibility and the positive outcome of this engagement for the long term benefit of the organization.

At the ‘Professional’ level this engagement will turn out to be an even better proposition as you will see the approach of the participants becoming more realistic and pragmatic towards the organizational practices as defined by the management. We pick up the threads from within the organization, we work with the given experience of the employees and the teams, and we pick up the positives and build on that to go ahead during this engagement.

Yes, we need the time and the resources to build on this platform, but you as the HR head need to have the conviction and the commitment to go through the process to see the results. We are more than willing to assist you in the effort. We have the patience and the resolve to work with your organization.

Together, let us explore the possibilities. Your understanding of the concept is very important for us. A good foundation will help us both to commit to the cause of employee engagement with a difference.

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