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“Skills for Life” Program

Learning “Life Skills” is an important aspect of schooling. To make this learning experience engaging and interesting, we have designed a program that will benefit the students and schools equally well. This is a 3 years program designed for school children in the age group 13 to 16 years. This program is essentially implemented for school students of 7th. Standard at the beginning of the academic year and continues for three years till the end of the academic session of 9th. Standard.

Life skills as broadly defined & explained by WHO form the backdrop of this program. The skills are further redefined and explained in simpler terms during the implementation of this program.   Participation in this program help the students understand these skills better and make them applicable in their day to day life.

Experiential learning methodology ensures that the students are able to connect nicely with the meaning of these skills and also learn to appreciate the importance of these skills early in their life. The medium of Outdoors, nature and light adventure makes the learning, challenging enough for the students to enjoy the proceedings and fully immerse themselves in the learning process.   

The program is implemented alongside the academic sessions; in fact the activities complement the academics without disturbing the indoor academic sessions. This “Life Skills Program” is spread over three main activity components during the year;

  1. “Outdoor activity sessions” within the school campus.
  2. Short duration “Learning Expeditions” beyond the school campus.
  3. “Outdoor Adventure Camps” of 3 to 5 days duration during the vacations at different outdoor adventure locations.

Outward Bound Bharat conducts “Impact Studies” as a part of its Outward Bound International initiative. The results are shared with the school authorities for a proper understanding of the program.

The complete “Skills for Life” program is planned in collaboration with the school management and becomes a part of the annual calendar for the school.

We invite schools to partner with Outward Bound Bharat to customize the program. Do connect with us to explore the possibilities further.

Sudhir Moharir

Executive Director


Email: sudhir@outwardbound.org.in

Mobile: 9225225889.


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