Outward Bound programs and courses are a wonderful way of engaging participants in some thought provoking outbound activities thereby creating curiosity about life and initiating for them the urge for a meaningful life ahead. The outdoor activities are so designed as to help them connect with their inner self and the world outside in a manner that is conducive for personal development and growth.

All the programs and courses are designed with a theme that enables the participants to identify their immediate needs and aspire to work towards fulfilling them. The participative experience takes them much beyond the present and inspires them to reach out for a fulfilling life in the coming days. We welcome participation at all the levels. Make your choice and see how Outward Bound makes a difference to you or the organization you represent.

Be Pro

It’s all about cultivating your mindset. You need to believe in yourself first and make this "Self-Belief" work for you.

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Leading Edge

This leadership development program explores for the participants the various concepts that will help them improve their

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Teaming Up

This program is a team building initiative for the participants to explore the various aspects of working together as a

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Young adults in their late teens and early twenties are on the threshold of a wonderful and a challenging life ahead. Mu

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Humans by nature are explorers; however, the desire to explore somehow diminishes once we settle down in our life and be

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Charity begins at home, is an age old proverb which implies that take care of your family first before you venture out t

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KHOJ: A woman’s journey redefined

In today's fast paced world, everyone is caught up in striking a balance between their personal and professional lives.

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The OB Retreat

This program is specially designed for senior executives and Managers who wish to be in the mountains and relive their p

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Foundation Course

This ‘Foundation Course” will prepare you to be well organized and will give you the confidence to go for trekking

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Life Skills for Teenagers

In addition to academics, teenagers when exposed to “Life skills” development activities, become more competent to face

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Develop Qualities by Dealing with Real-World Outdoor Challenges.

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