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Kamna Mishra

Kamna is passionate about outdoors, curious to learn new things and dedicated to her work.

She joined Outward Bound Bharat as a "Trainee Team Instructor" and intends to become proficient in the field of 'Experiential Learning'. Her ambition is to become a good team leader and a 'Facilitator' to independently run the Outward Bound Bharat programs for children & youth.

Before joining Outward Bound Bharat she was engaged as a 'Research Analyst' by a business consulting firm, after having completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering.

A chance visit to the Outdoor program for underprivileged children and later as a participant in the three days Outward Bound program was the turning point, as she says, in her life. Here she discovered and realized her passion for nature & outdoors.

Within a short period, she had made up her mind to change her existing profession and pursue a career as an Outdoor person. During her work as a research analyst, she continued to refine her ideas and the vision of becoming an Outdoor Educator. As a first step she got enrolled for a course in Human Psychology. She could very well connect herself with outdoor pursuits, adventure, and experiential learning and thought it to be an excellent medium to encourage the betterment of one’s life.

Her search for an opportunity brought her to Outward Bound Bharat. Now she is passionately involved in all aspects of Outward Bound working and enjoying her journey with enthusiasm.

She is very much impressed by the OB training philosophy and the simple ways in which the processes impel the participants in finding their true self by opting for an inward journey.

She wants to inspire the Outward Bound participants and help them find their passion as she did. She believes "Once you know what you are, you will become what you want to be."

She has completed her "Basic Mountaineering Course" achieving "Grade-A" from "Himalayan Mountaineering Institute" Darjeeling.

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