Program Leaders

Dr. Abhijit Bobde

Abhijit is passionate about training young individuals towards unlocking their hidden potential. He believes that humans are basically positive and their productive potential is governed by positive energy which is generated through thoughts & feelings.

He facilitates to focus on the following concepts.

  • Unlocking Self Potential/ productivity
  • Exploring self nature by connecting with the real nature
  • Accepting Negative Habitual behavior and transforming self to positive behavior by Conscious living concept
  • Outward Bound training as a vaccine to win over behavioral biases in future life.

The Outward Bound training and his facilitation connects the experience of participants with the above four concepts resulting in awareness & development of Soft Skills, Life Skills & Behavioral Skills.

A Pharmacy Graduate with a Masters in Business Administration, he has done his Doctoral Thesis on 'Behaviour Bias' and was awarded Ph.D. by Nagpur University.

Abhijit has a wide experience in different segments such as Academics, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Events management. His core work area being Soft Skill Facilitation, Aptitude training and Mind Management Techniques & Experiential Learning.

Recognizing his passion for training, Abhijit migrated from his corporate banking job to join Outward Bound Bharat as a Trainer & Facilitator.

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