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The Leadership Initiative

College students while graduating are on the threshold of career opportunities. They need to focus on many skills along with the academics to feel confident and comfortable about their approach to “Career Path”. They should be willing to explore the “Employability Skills” and the “Leadership Skills” that will enhance their capabilities and competencies to choose their career wisely.

Outward Bound offers customized program for college students. A combination of short & long duration programs enable the students to explore the life skills through these outdoor activities.

Short Duration Activities  

  1. Life skills Awareness Seminars: The two hours seminars are run for the students enabling them to learn to appreciate the importance of life skills.
  2. Experiential Learning Workshops: These outdoor workshops of six hour duration are run within the college premises facilitating the skills development possibilities for the students.
  3. Long Duration Leadership Development Programs: These programs are run during ‘Mid Semester’ and ‘End Semester’. Participation in these expeditionary learning programs, help the students in taking leadership initiatives very early in their career.

Employers do appreciate the students’ participation in outbound skills development programs and such students become preferred choices when they see the “Leadership skills”, “The Professional skills” and the “Vision” the students show when they present themselves during the placement session.

We conduct ‘Impact Studies’ during these long duration programs as a part of global Outward Bound initiative.

Colleges who wish to see their Institutional Vision coming to fruit through their students should partner with Outward Bound for a holistic student development program.  

Do get in touch with us for further communication and exchange of wonderful ideas that will benefit both the students and the institution in the long run.

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