At Outward Bound outdoor locations are identified and carefully selected giving due importance to natural settings, approachability, convenience, program viability and safety during the activities. For short duration programs approachability becomes importance while for long duration programs remoteness, element of adventure become more important. Seasonal variations also have to be taken into consideration before a program is planned at a particular location.

Since more than a decade, Outward Bound Bharat has been operating at many locations in the Western Ghats, particularly in the Sahayadri ranges. Programs have been delivered in Satpura ranges in Vidarbha & Madhya Pradesh. Programs are also conducted in the Himalayas at different locations.

Outward Bound Bharat has been actively delivering programs at urban adventure centers near Nagpur and Nasik. A few new locations are being identified near Pune, Aurangabad, Hubli and Wayanad.

Some of the existing locations are:


No individual who is touched with nature and adventure has ever stayed away from these mountains.

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Melghat means “the meeting of the mountains” and Melghat is just as glorious and awe-inspiring as a meeting of the Ghats

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The state of Madhya Pradesh in central India boasts of innumerable locations which offer dense forests and beautiful lan

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Along the western coast of the Indian peninsula, starting right from the state of Gujarat in the north, to the beautiful

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Tirthan Valley

Thirthan valley is one of the very less frequented valley's in the Himalayas due to the restrictions imposed by the

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