The OB Optimizer

What is "The OB Optimizer"?

This is a Challenge Course for Management Students / Management Graduates / Management Trainees / Young Executives.

This adventure based course is specially designed for the above participants to help them explore experientially certain elements of "Organizational Behavior", and to optimize their understanding of the subject. This course is a kind of ‘OB Lab’ wherein the participating students explore and experiment with their own behavior & group behavior and learn firsthand the possible implications of 'Human Behavior at Work'.

For Whom?

Adults: 21+ Years.

What is there in it for me?

  • Participants explore the elements of human behavior at work.
  • Interact and relate themselves with others.
  • Learn to transfer these learning to their immediate community & environment.

What do the participants take home?

  • Understanding of the "Mind Sets".
  • Perceiving, understanding & using "Emotions".
  • "Values" based personality.
  • "Motivation & drive".
  • "Purposeful Leadership".

How does the participation work for them!

  • Framing of the course.
  • Front loading of the activities & its purpose.
  • Action in the form of expedition.
  • Transfer of real life learning’s.
  • Review of their experience & the outcome

What do they do during the course?

  • Camping in the mountains.(11 Days).
  • Nature trails.
  • Light adventure activities.
  • Solo.
  • Reflective and facilitation sessions
  • Interactive sharing sessions.
  • Journal writing.

How to enrol!

  • Please fill up the inquiry form.
  • We will initiate the correspondence for more information & clarity.
  • Once you make up your mind to join the program you complete the registration formalities.
  • We help you with the pre program preparations.
  • You report at the agreed location, on the date & time confirmed.
  • We deliver the program as per the plan.
  • The group departs from the location once the program is over.
  • We complete the post program formalities.


At Outward Bound Program feedback is a two way process.

  • We invite participants to share their program feedback on a standard format.
  • If the participants desire so program Leader shares his/her personal feedback.

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