Life Skills for Teenagers

What is "Exploring Life Skills"?

An Outbound Course for Teenagers

In addition to academics, teenagers when exposed to “Life skills” development activities, become more competent to face challenges in their life as they grow and move into early adulthood.

Reading and learning about life skills in the classroom creates awareness but exploring and experimenting with them in real-life situations makes learning much deeper and meaningful and stays with them forever.

The experiential learning platform offered by Outward Bound using the unfamiliar and challenging environment while outdoors is an excellent opportunity for teenagers to explore the life skills for a better future.

For Whom?

Teenagers: 13 to 19 Years.

What is there in it for me?

This seven days course in the mountains helps the teenagers discover 'Self' use the 'Group Dynamics' to explore the life skills and understand their importance in shaping up their expectations & behaviors and learn how to relate with people around them.

Broadly the inputs during this course revolve around topics that highlight an individual’s engagement with others in understanding 'Self', 'Others' & the 'Situations'.

What do the participants take home?

  • Self-awareness.
  • Thinking processes.
  • Communication skills.
  • Interpersonal relations.
  • Understanding Emotions.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Problems solving.
  • Self assessment.

How does the participation work for them!

  • Framing of the course.
  • Front loading of the activities & its purpose.
  • Action in the form of expedition.
  • Transfer of real life learning’s.
  • Review of their experience & the outcome

What do they do during the course?

  • Camping (9 Days).
  • Backpacking.
  • Nature trail.
  • Orienteering.
  • Bouldering.
  • Interacting with locals.
  • Community work.
  • Solo.
  • Journal writing.

How to enrol!

  • Please fill up the inquiry form.
  • We will initiate the correspondence for more information & clarity.
  • Once you make up your mind to join the program you complete the registration formalities.
  • We help you with the pre program preparations.
  • You report at the agreed location, on the date & time confirmed.
  • We deliver the program as per the plan.
  • The group departs from the location once the program is over.
  • We complete the post program formalities


At Outward Bound Program feedback is a two way process.

  • We invite participants to share their program feedback on a standard format.
  • If the participants desire so program Leader shares his/her personal feedback.

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