The courses are long duration engagements for individual participants. The theme based courses are greatly impactful as they allow participants to get more time to make their choices and prove to be life changing experience for most. The time they spend together and the solo time they get to assimilate the contents of the course makes all the difference. Teenagers, Youth, Professionals and Women are invited to be part of this wonderful Outward Bound journey.

The OB Optimizer

This adventure course is specially designed for the above participants to help them explore experientially certain eleme

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Life Skills for Teenagers

In addition to academics, teenagers when exposed to “Life skills” development activities, become more competent to face

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KHOJ: A woman’s journey redefined.

More and more women opting for careers and becoming self-reliant is a healthy sign for society.

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Foundation Course

This ‘Foundation Course” will prepare you to be well organized and will give you the confidence to go for trekking &

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Build Your Skill with our Transformative Personality Development Courses.

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