Corona Virus

Our Commitment

Till the time experts are able to find a vaccine that will protect us from the Corona Virus, we at Outward Bound are committed to the use of all possible Preventive Measures during our activities and programs. The guidelines will be implemented and adhered to and a declaration to the effect will be signed by us and the participants before the start of the programs. Those not submitting the declaration will not be eligible to participate.

The following guidelines will be adhered to by the participants and the staff during all our programs.

  • Doctor’s clearance certificate before participation.
  • Limiting the group size to 16.
  • Prescribed physical distancing.
  • Compulsory use of ‘Face Mask’.
  • Washing of hands using soap.
  • Use of sanitizers to disinfect hands and palms.
  • Personal & Group hygiene protocols.
  • Display of placards at prominent places reminding the preventive norms.
  • Mandatory demonstration of safety & preventive protocols by the staff.
  • Quarantine and evacuation of suspect cases.

We will remain responsive to updated protocols.

Executive Director

June 2020.


Personal Implications

COVID-19 Pandemic will have wider implications in the long run and no individual will be spared from its effect directly or indirectly. It is better we start looking at it in a more pragmatic way and try to understand how it may affect us in different ways at different levels. The exercise will possibly help us in dealing with this disruption in a more balanced way.

We all know life cannot be compartmentalized as there is a lot of overlapping and if we get disturbed emotionally, implications are naturally wider. However, if we can try and analyze the implications independently at the personal level, family, professional and the community level it will be relatively easy for us to segregate our problems and deal with them at that level and spare ourselves and our families to a large extent from unwanted anxieties.

At the personal level your health is of utmost importance. You have to learn to be assertive with yourself. You must respect the restrictions imposed on you by the circumstances. You have been enjoying your freedom, now is the time to show that you are capable of taking care of your priorities and become a responsible person. This may require giving up something or changing your habits to keep things in control. You will be proud of yourself for having done your best in protecting yourself from the virus and possibly your family & others too.

At the family level you will have to show how well you understand the circumstances and how best you are trying to deal with them. Do not boast of anything or show ignorance. Giving the right message to the family is of utmost importance. Caring & sharing should be your top agenda. Keeping your family stress free in spite of the difficulties will be the best thing for your family.

At the professional level things may become tricky for many of us. Every individual has a responsibility towards others in some way. While pointing at other person’s responsibility one should not forget one’s own responsibility. We are all stakeholders when we work together. If we have been sharing the good things during the good times we must now get ready to share the difficulties. Not only that, we should be willing to contribute something positively towards the circumstances in terms of ideas, suitable solutions and way outs in dealing with the difficulties on hand. Becoming proactive with a sense of ownership towards your profession and all the stake holders will be the best thing to happen for you. Remember we are all into this together. Nobody is an outsider. If we all survive together we can always rise together when the time comes.

Things may become difficult if some of us start getting cuts in our salaries or worse some of us we may even lose our jobs or businesses. This is the time to show your real mettle. First part which needs attention is coping up with the loss. If we do that then only you have a chance to rebuild your position in future otherwise not. It’s time to take stock of your assets and liabilities in terms of skills, abilities and the experience you have. An analysis of your strengths will guide you in the right direction to look for opportunities. You will have to make use of your good experience towards innovative approaches in dealing with the circumstances. Things may be difficult but not impossible to do. Your mental set up is all that needs attention and you will come out of this low in no time.

At the community level you will see others also struggling and fighting to survive and make ends meet. Instead of ignoring one can try and understand their difficulties and find solutions for them. Who knows, you may end up finding an opportunity to do something concrete that will benefit you and others. Keep your mind open, a parachute works only when it is open, so does a mind.

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