The Pandemic

(2020 – 2021)

Looking back – Looking forward

The two years have been difficult for most of us. Setback in education, reduced income & resources, unemployment and health issues have been crippling for many. Some unfortunate families ended up losing their dear ones to the ongoing pandemic.

Many organizations have faced economic downturn. We at Outward Bound were no exception to it. Our staffs have shown great understanding, taking the things in the right perspective and remained positive.

The international Outward Bound community has been analyzing the situation regularly, sharing and contemplating a range of things to do in future. ‘Patience’ & ‘Resilience’ are at the core of our belief system and we’ll come out stronger. Outward Bound activities remain relevant to the communities worldwide and become even more so when we look at the need of the people staying mentally and emotionally stronger to face the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.

Though much in control, the pandemic still remains a threat worldwide. We must stay alert and model our lifestyle to be safe. We must stick to basic protocols to keep the virus at bay.

At Outward Bound Bharat, we are looking forward to 2022 with much optimism and will be re-opening our programs to the participants in a phased manner. Adult programs will be first and later as the schools & colleges reopen during the next academic year we’ll welcome the student participants to our programs. We have laid down some protocols to ensure there is no negligence whatsoever. There will be no compromise with the quality and the content of the programs. We are looking forward to remodeling our programs and staffing modules. We are retraining our staffs and associates to meet the challenges.

We would like to welcome our participants with a renewed hope and vigor during early 2022.

- Sudhir Moharir

Executive Director

September 2021

Outward Bound is a worldwide network of adventure based experiential learning schools operating in 36 countries through its more than 54 centers operating at 230 locations worldwide. We welcome more than 1,50,000 participants every year to our programs.

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