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Our Training Staff

Experiential learning based outbound training to the participants is our main objective. To that end, our staff is well trained and equipped to run the activities safely and to give the participants the best possible outdoor experience.

The training staff is located at our permanent campsite “Sahas-The Camp” near Nagpur. In addition to running the activities at this campsite, the staff is also deputed for conducting wilderness programs at different locations in India.

They serve as role models for the young participants

Become a "Field Instructor":

Young people passionate about outdoors and adventure are welcome to join Outward Bound as Instructors.

- You should be above 18 yrs.

- Physically fit & ready for hard work.

- Your minimum qualification should be 12th. Pass on the day of appointment.

- You should have the ability to communicate well in Hindi & English.

- You should be willing to travel frequently.

- And you should have a high level of commitment.

The appointed staff is trained extensively to become a qualified instructor and to take up the leadership for our programs in the wilderness.

Our in-house training, make the instructors very competent to run the activities and the programs with full confidence & safety.

The annual selection process
Applications are invited in the month of 'April' every year.
Screening of applications and written test in conducted in the month of 'May'.
Selection Trial for the shortlisted candidates is conducted at "Sahas – The Camp" in the month of 'June'.
Medical screening & appointment of trainees is done by 15th. June
In-house training of the trainees starts on 1st July. The 21 days basic training takes care of the skills required for running all the outdoor activities safely..
Probation period for the trainees who complete the 21 days training successfully is six months, during which they get on the job training to give them the confidence necessary to run the activities independently.
Confirmation: Trainees completing the probation period successfully are confirmed as "Field Instructors".

Become a Facilitator (Experiential Educator / Teacher)

All Outward Bound programs are based on the concept of "Experiential Learning". Facilitator’s are expected to interact closely with the participants, help them reflect on their experience & learn through the outcomes during the programs. To become a facilitator at Outward Bound….

- You should be a Graduate.

- You should have a learning attitude.

- You should be fluent in Hindi & English.

- You should have excellent communication skills.

- You should have the liking for outdoors.

- You should be willing to travel and stay outdoors.

Though experience is welcome it is not necessary. We will help you explore and learn the facilitation skills.

Send your application any time of the year.

Become a Marketing / Branding Associate

This is a part time engagement wherein you promote Outward Bound programs amongst the youth. To become an associate:

- You should be above 21 years.

- You should have liking for Outdoor programs.

- You should be good in communication.

To explore the possibilities further get in touch with us.


We are a human resources training organization. Our activities and programs are based on experiential learning methodologies. Students connected with these fields are welcome to explore the internship possibilities.

Blog as a guest

If you enjoy writing and are willing to experience the Outward Bound way of learning, you can become a great asset to the youth community. You can play a significant role in informing and educating people about Outward Bound and its benefit of participation through your blogs.

Interested! Share you details with us.