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Himalayan Odyssey

Program Overview

Since time immemorial, Himalayas have been a great source of inspiration for mankind. Venturing into these mountains one is enchanted by its beauty, serenity, bio-diversity, ruggedness and its uniqueness in many ways. At Outward Bound, Himalayan Odyssey is an attempt to explore and experience these mountains in several different ways. On an easier program you can trek with us through the valleys & meadows, have a closer look at the natural beauty, visit the villages on the mountain slopes, meet the local people, and learn about their culture. Having stretched yourself a little bit in the process, you may be tempted to pat your back for the little adventure in your kitty. You will always love to be back again. If you happen to be inclined towards a higher level of adventure in the Himalayas, our trained instructors will be more than happy to venture out with you, deep into the mountains, take you to higher altitudes, offering you a backpacking experience that will stay with you for ever. Outdoor experience with Outward Bound takes you much beyond adventure. It brings in for you a sense of achievement & self discovery that you have possibly not experienced before.

Program Description :

The GHNP is a world heritage site. It is open only for trekkers and naturalists. No commercial activities or tourism is allowed inside. This has helped in protecting the natural habitat. The trail takes the trekkers through some of the pristine locations. The endurance level is moderate to tough and requires good fitness to enjoy the trek.

This Outward Bound program is a combination of high altitude adventure coupled with a great learning experience. The participants will be able to explore the group dynamics and learn through the process. The learnings are facilitated by the OB team leader.

It is a good opportunity for individuals to explore their personality in a very unique environment where, in addition to natural challenges the participants also try and overcome personal and group challenges innovatively leading to some new learnings.  

Program Brief :

Days : 7 Days / 7 Nights.
Age Group : 18-28 years.
Location : Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP Kullu Valley).
Activities : High Altitude Trekking & camping.
Fees : Rs.11, 500/-

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Phone: 0712-6453042. (Mon to Sat – 10 am to 5 Pm.)

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