Location : Sahas The Camp



The Venture

Sahas the Camp is a collaborative venture initially conceptualized by Mundle Educational Trust.  Shri.P.R.Mundle, a true visionary and a philanthropist visualized the need to have an outdoor activities based training campsite for the development of children and the youth in the region.

In the year 2000 the first group of trainees arrived at the campsite thus marking the beginning of a noble venture that will evolve into an experiential learning & training center in the days to come.

The campsite was aptly named “SAHAS”, meaning courage. It is also an acronym for






The campsite offers plenty of opportunities to the participating individuals to think in terms of personal development towards achievement & success in life.

Outward Bound Bharat Trust, since 2006, has been instrumental in running the campsite through its numerous activities and development programs.

The Environ.

This Outward Bound training campsite is a unique experience of nature’s bounty & the challenges of outdoor activities.  As you enter the campsite, you are enveloped by the greenery around and you feel relaxed as your eyes rove over the still water in the lakes. The quietness is lovingly disturbed by the birdcalls and the gentle breeze.

Spread over 80 acres with its twin lakes, the participants will find the going quite interesting and challenging when in action.

The glimpse of the towering 60 Ft. high sports climbing wall gives you the first hint of the outbound training site. The climbing walls, the ropes course, the water based activities and  many other group challenges, combine to give the participants an entirely different learning experience, an experience that nurtures confidence & well being beyond one’s comfort zone.

On the West side the wilderness activities in the nearby 400 acres of forest patch hold a few surprises for the participants. On the East side, the huge expanse of the dam waters and the undulating hill ranges beyond are inviting and add a new dimension to the camping activities.

Children, youth and also adults will find the range of activities offering a refreshingly new dimension to their personal thinking and the development process.

Sahas The Camp offers a learning environment in the midst of serene natural surroundings.

Come and experience it for yourself.

Land based activities.

Back packing



Obstacles course


Ropes Course

Sports wall climbing


Wilderness Camping

Zip line

Water based activities.




Other Activities


Nature trails

Star gazing

Team games

Team Tasks         



How To Reach

The Location

‘Sahas-The Camp’ is situated about 42 Kms. from Nagpur on Hyderabad highway, near Wadgaon dam also known as Rama Dam. It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes from Nagpur to reach the campsite.

The nearest main bus connection is Butibori on N.H.7.. The nearest railway station is Borkhedi for slow trains. However further connectivity to the campsite using local transport may not be convenient due to non availability of regular services..

The campsite can best be reached using private transport.

Institutional clients are required to arrange for their own Transportation to the campsite.

OBB facilitates transportation for individual participants during open programs. 


The Seasons

Sahas The camp operates all round the year. Due to its geographical location the day and night temperature varies during the seasons. The participating individuals and institutions should take note of this and should be prepared to get acclimatized accordingly.

The minimum temperature during winter drops down to around 9 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature during summer can reach up to 44 degrees Celsius in the month of April.

During monsoon the rains are enjoyable and the activities continue except during heavy downpours.

The campsite remains closed for one week during "Diwali" vacation.

The campsite also remains closed for a month during the month of May for annual maintenance.

The following table may help you make a fair judgment about the season you want to be there.



Weather Remark

Nov To Jan

        Winter. Nights are cold. Day time is pleasant & sunny.

        Woolens required.

Feb to March

        Days are warm.Nights are cool.

        Light warm clothes required during night only

April & May

        Hot. Maximum temperature above 40 Degrees Celsius.

        Light cotton casual wears.

June to Sept

        Rains. Sultry warm weather. Nights are cool.

        Light cotton casual wears.


        Warm to hot days.Nights are cooler.

        Light cotton casual wears


  • Accommodation & Facilities

  • Sahas the Camp offers dormitory accommodation to the participants.
  • A total of 80 cots are available in the main residential building.
  • Gents & Lady Participants are accommodated in separate dormitories.
  • Every individual is offered a separate cot/mattress/pillow.
  • Students are accommodated on the ground floor.
  • The accommodation for seniors is on the first floor.
  • Tents can be made available with prior intimation.
  • Tenting

    Tents are made available to the participants only during winter season from September to January.    

    Meeting Hall / Learning Room

    A semi enclosed meeting hall is available for group discussions, meetings & presentations.


    Open air Amphitheater facility with a sitting capacity of 150 is available.  

    Swimming pool

    A small swimming pool of 40 ft. length and 6 ft. deep is offered to the participants for fun & relaxation.


    A well equipped MI room and first aid facility is in readiness for emergencies.


Food / Water

Kitchen & Catering

A well laid out kitchen and regular staff takes care of the food requirements of the participants. The campsite serves wholesome, nutritious, vegetarian food.

We do not serve Non-Vegetarian food.


Drinking water drawn from the campus dug well is RO filtered and made available through dispensers. The water is certified potable.


Adults are served tea.

Children are served Bourn vita.

Fresh lime is served during the activities.

To Bring

Checklist for all.

This checklist will be helpful to children & their parents.            

* Pull over sheet 1 No.

* Personal Clothing 4 sets.

* Undergarments.

*Swimming costume / shorts.

*Toilet kit (Tooth paste, Brush, Soaps etc.)

*Towel & Napkin.

* Sports or Trekking shoes.

* Extra cotton socks.

*Slippers or Sandals.

*Water bottle.

* Sun Cap.

* Cotton scarf during summer camps.

* Sun Goggles. (Optional)

* Torch with spare batteries.

* Note book, Pen, Pencil. (For students)

* Drawing book, Colours.(For students)

* Insect repellent.

* Personal medicines. (If prescribed)


Not To Bring

  • Gold chains, rings / Valuables.
  • Electronic games / systems
  • Playing cards.
  • Chewing gums. .
  • Mobile Phones.(Use is strictly restricted during training.)
  • Tattoos.
  • Deodorants.
  • Large sum of cash.
  • Food packets.


During Winter

  • Pullover bed sheet / light blanket.
  • Woolens / Jacket.
  • Woolen cap / Muffler.
  • Wind cheater

During Rains

Rain coat / Rain cover

Extra clothing.


Alerts & Guidelines.

  • Simple T-Shirts & trousers / slacks keep you comfortable during activities.        
  • Girls & Lady participants must avoid dresses that may get caught in the ropes and other climbing equipments that are used during activities.
  • It is mandatory for each and every participant to fill & sign the form of participation & declaration.
  • Parents must ensure that the declaration form is signed by them for minors.
  • Participants doubtful about their fitness should consult their family doctor beforehand.
  • Participants with medical history must declare the same in the medical form to avoid emergencies
  • Participants must follow the safety norms to avoid disciplinary action.
  • Photography by participants is not allowed. We provide limited photos of the course / program.
  • Use of Mobile phones is strictly restricted during the activities.
  • Sahas campsite is a ‘No Smoking Zone’.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking, Consumption of alcoholic drinks and other banned substances is strictly prohibited. Possession / use of the same may result in expulsion from the campsite.

Guidelines for Institutions.

Dedicated to training & development, Sahas the Camp offers a range of residential programs designed to suit different age groups. Institutions desirous of participating are welcome to explore the possibilities further. The following guidelines will be helpful to the institutions in making informed decisions before joining the programs at the campsite.


  • The campsite operates round the year except for one week during Diwali festival.
  • It is advisable to book the dates well in advance and complete the registration formalities.

Group size

  • For schools the group size should be minimum 40 & maximum 50 students.
  • For colleges the group size should be minimum 30 & maximum 40 students.
  • For companies, the group size should be minimum 20 & maximum 35 employees.


  • Only 3 escorts are permissible for schools.
  • Only 2 escorts are permissible for colleges.


  • Provisional booking of dates will be done subject to availability.
  • Validity for provisional dates will be only 7 days.
  • Dates will stand confirmed only on receipt of advance of Rs.10,000/- along with a letter of confirmation from the concerned authority .
  • The confirmation letter must specify the arrival & departure dates.


  • The reporting time for the group at the campsite is 16.30 Hrs.
  • The departure time from the campsite is 16.00 Hrs.
  • For outstation schools the reporting & departure schedule will be subject to their travel plan.



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