Building today for a stronger tomorrow.  [ 15-11-2016 ]


The theme was very simple and the delegates arriving from different OB centers worldwide, got down to business as soon as they arrived at the venue in Ashville in North Carolina (USA) for the Outward Bound International World Conference 2016.

All through the three days, the sessions were invigorating and the discussions intense. OB Branding, OB Networking, OB Program contents & Quality, OB Program reviews, Staff training, Funding were the topics of discussion.

The delegates networked a lot. The curiosity to know more about each other’s working brought to surface the innovative processes adopted by different schools. The communities segments to whom the OB schools cater are much diversified. In a way that explains the significance of OB programs and its reach amongst the communities and the service the OB schools are able to offer through its programs.

Operating globally in 34 countries through its more than 50 schools and reaching out to over 2.5 Lakh participants annually, Outward Bound International becomes the leading adventure based organization offering Experiential Education to children, youth and adults. 

Since Outward Bound is a ‘Not For Profit’ organization and the people who are working to promote the cause are well aware of the challenges in front of them. In spite of all the odds most of the schools are relentlessly pursuing the agenda laid down by their schools to meet the community development needs through character development of individuals joining the OB programs and courses.

True to its spirit, the Outward Bounders participating in the world conference, whole heartedly contributed their ideas and thoughts to make the conference a success and planned for their development course for the next five years, thereby ensuring that for OB the days to come are stronger and full of promises.

Outward Bound International. World Conference. 1st. to 4th. November 2016. 

Hosts: North Carolina Outward Bound School. (USA).


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